People often hire a fitness coach to help them lose weight and build muscle. I’m a coach, too, but I focus on fiscal fitness – helping people lose their money worries and build financial strength and wisdom.

As your coach, I empower you to take responsibility for your financial decisions. Together, we begin the process by finding out where you are today, discussing your hopes, dreams and most pressing concerns. As a team, we establish an action plan with achievable milestones. And I will be your accountability partner along the journey.

Renata Smith | Your Thrive Financial Partner

Renata Smith | Your Thrive Financial Partner

My Background

Major life changes have a way of helping you pinpoint what’s important in life. This happened to me when I went through a divorce and became involved in a support group with other individuals going through the same life experience.

I soon realized I had a passion for helping people with their finances. I thought, this is what I wanted to be when I grow up! It made so much sense, with my degree in Accounting and background in finance. Financial Coaching is the perfect intersection between my experience, my desire to serve others and my goals and values.

My Financial Coach Training

In 2018, I completed the Dave Ramsey Financial Coach Master Training to learn how to best serve and inspire people who need help with their finances. Also, I studied locally at Fiscal Fitness Phoenix, completing its Financial Coach Academy program.

Through my studies and training, I’ve learned the strategies and approaches that help people establish budgets, set savings and retirement goals, manage and pay down debt…and more. It’s rewarding, fulfilling work, and I love what I do!