TFC is empowering couples and individuals to make positive changes to their financial situation through individualized coaching.

Here are a few questions I am often asked.

What is financial coaching?

Have you ever thought of using a personal trainer? or a life coach? Well a financial coach is very similar. We all grow up in very different environments when it comes to handling money. We are conditioned early on and sometimes don't ever really ever question why we spend and save ( or not) the way we do. Sometimes you don't even know what you don't know until it becomes a problem. Sometimes we wonder how we got to this place when we thought we were doing everything “right”. Financial coaching is like a personal trainer for your money. It not just about what comes in, but what goes out. Its a culmination of habits, values, perceptions, accountability, goals, dreams and most of all hope.

What is the difference between a financial coach and a financial advisor?

A financial advisor is someone that assists their clients build an investment portfolio based on the client’s risk tolerance. Generally this requires a significant amount of capital and is not readily available to someone with considerable debt.

This is where a financial coach is well suited to help you change habits and develop a plan to reach savings goals. It is then that I refer you to a financial advisor once you have momentum on your side.

Who would benefit from financial coaching?

Everyone!! I find that learning to be intentional with your money is a continual learning process. We are in a constantly changing world and our finances are no different. Whether you are a high school student, a recent college grad, and newlywed, a growing family, an empty nester or a retiree, we all need guidance.

Having a coach to help you not only get on track with your finances on a daily basis, but help you continue to grow, learn and dream is what financial success is all about.

What can I expect?

The first thing I have my clients participate in is a questionnaire to help me understand some background information. The next step is for the client to fill out an Insight Financial Worksheet. This is a deep dive into all things financial, income, fixed and flexible expenses, debts, retirement and savings, etc. From there we sit down and review all the data and we discuss actionable items. It is then determined if it would be beneficial for continued financial coaching.

How can I afford a financial coach when I can barely pay my bills?

Great Question!!!

Many clients find room in their finances to cover coaching fees within ONE MEETING!!


By analyzing finances and tracking spending. Many people are shocked and excited to discover how they've wasted money.

Moving forward: Redirect that squandered income and invest in financial knowledge that has a massive return on investment. Your future self will thank you!!

Can I meet with a financial coach if I do not live nearby?


I love to meet one on one but the reality is it is a huge time savings for everyone to meet virtually. So if possible I would love to physically meet, but currently meet virtually with clients all over the country.